Varya Tapiz
Designer: Simon Pengelly

The VARYA TAPIZ collection encompasses all the upholstered versions in the VARYA family, generated by combining three versions of comfortable upholstered seats with different metallic and wooden bases. The shells can be upholstered in all the fabrics and leathers of the INCLASS sample card or in fabrics specified or supplied by the customer. The metallic and wooden bases are also available in a broad range of finishes. This wide variety of bases and finishes enables the configuration of endless personalized combinations that easily adapt to each project’s aesthetic. The VARYA TAPIZ collection includes chairs, armchairs designed for inhabiting diverse settings.
Trolley available: VAR0120OP.
Stacking: 6 pcs on the floor, 10 pcs on a trolley (models VAR0610, VAR0628); 6 pcs on the floor, 9 pcs on a trolley (model VAR0618); 8 pcs on the floor, 12 pcs on a trolley (model VAR0620).
VARYA family expands its range with a new quilted seat that brings a more cozy and domestic look to this versatile collection.

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Description CAD File Name Download
Varya Tapiz VAR0610 3D Files download
Varya Tapiz VAR0615 3D Files download
Varya Tapiz VAR0618 3D Files download
Varya Tapiz VAR0620 3D Files download
Varya Tapiz VAR0628 3D Files download
Varya Tapiz VAR0630 3D Files download
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